Lumber-Net Software Solutions

Lumber-Net is a Windows-based management system designed to track inventory, purchases, sales commissions, remanufacturing and production costs, transfers and transportation costs for lumber wholesalers, truss manufacturers and remanufacturers.

Lumber-Net facilitates the preparation of mill purchase  orders, sales orders, work orders for remanufacturing, and production  processing. Scheduling and transportation are managed on-screen, tracking products on the ground, committed, or in transit in real time. Remanufacturing program templates permit unlimited processes allowing traders to quickly project costs and accurately forecast output while on the phone with customers.

  • Sales
    Lumber-Net has easy-to-use order entry, including back-to-back sales and
    invoicing and is suited to multiple locations and companies.
  • Easy Navigation
    Lumber-Net is Windows-based softwood with menus and lists that allow quick access to all transactions.
  • Purchasing & Inventory
    Search, retrieve, duplicate and reconcile purchase orders with ease. Real-time inventory displays location, counts, age, on-order, committed and in process.
  • Bar Coding & Tagging
    With Lumber-Net’s bar coding and tagging features, you can track inventory costs, streamline inventory counts and shipping by identifying and tracking inventory by barcode on each unit or tags with grade, size and length.
  • Production
    Track the cost of production by process and shift. When processing for a third party, Lumber-Net tracks the costs of production and generates an  invoice.
  • Remanufacturing
    Track product and costs throughout the remanufacturing process.
  • Logistics
    Schedule and manage shipping and receiving in real-time.
  • Relationship Management
    Manage customer and prospect information, including sales history.
  • Integration
    Lumber-Net integrates with most accounting packages as well as truss design applications. Lumber-Net is designed to streamline administrative tasks and increase profitability by lowering transaction costs.

Lumber-Net Customization - Tailored for Your Business

Lumber-Net software can be customized to meet the unique needs of lumber wholesalers, truss manufacturers, and remanufacturers. Each business has unique needs and we will customize the software to your specific requirements. We bring industry understanding and the technological capabilities together to achieve your vision.

For more information on how Lumber-Net can work for your company, click here to email us.

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